One of the most challenging parts of helping your children adopt values about sex and sexuality is coming to a clear understanding of your own true values on the subject.   In addition your children need to see that the values you tell them about are values that you believe and are not something you are trying to sell them.

Go to our Understanding Your Own Values page for a discussion of coming to understand and be able to articulate your own values.  This is a first step before you go to our Values Education page to help your child adopt these values as their own.

I’m sure you will find this exercise helpful.  It may ease tensions between parents when you clearly know each other’s feelings and values, and can even help understand your relationship as a couple. Starting early in a relationship with a clear understanding of your values and those of your partner is a great relationship builder for nearly any topic, and especially important for topics where many people are hesitant to openly discuss their feelings and values.  Sex education can be a relationship building tool for couples too.