Sex education has been widely accepted as an important part of the education experience of our children.  This web site is dedicated to providing parents with the information and tactics for most optimal success in helping their children both learn the information they need to be sexually responsible and well adjusted young adults, as well as to internalize the family values that parents cherish.

As a family physician for 30 years and a parent of both a young man and young woman I’ve had the opportunity to see what works best as sex education techniques. The best approach to sex education is to incorporate it into parenting as a natural and local fuck continuous process.  For parents who have not taken advantage of early childhood and pre-adolescence to start the process, it definitely takes more than the one-time talk that many parents look toward with varying levels of anxiety.

On this site you’ll find what you need to be confident in your fund of knowledge, to help you clarify what key family values you want to pass on to your children and to choose techniques to be most successful in educating your children on this important topic.

Go to the anatomy page to be sure you know the proper names for male and female body parts.  Use of these in common talk in the family, and avoiding slang and innuendo will help your children communicate comfortably and accurately.  Here you’ll find brief accurate descriptions of male and female anatomy with correct anatomical names.

Go to the physiology page to refresh or improve your understanding of the female cycle and how it related to contraception and the monthly menstrual cycle.  Both boys and girls local pussy benefit from understanding this normal body process.  The relationship between the menstrual cycle or endometrial cycle and the ovulatory cycle is outlined here.  Understanding this helps understand topics like the rhythm contraception, when to have sex to conceive and infertility.

The values section will serve two key purposes.  First it will be sure you agree upon what it is that you believe and want to impart to your child.  Then it will help you develop tactics to improve the chances that your child internalizes these values.

I have also added specific pages addressing multiple specific issues that parents may have questions of concerns about and need a resource.  These include the various sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and normal sexual development for both boys and girls.

The ideal approach to sexual education begins before infancy and is a continuous process throughout childhood.  Like reading, soccer, religious education or driving a car, sex education is not a topic to master after one discussion.  In order to internalize the values and learn the facts a slow progressive learning is most effective.  I hope to have this site become a resource for parents of all ages, and to help them adopt a lifetime learning approach to sex education.  For details of this for each developmental stage see the age specific page.

For those of you whose children are already at or near puberty, and need to expedite the learning process you will be able to catch up by reading through the various age-specific learning points.

You’ll find lots of books available to facilitate helping your child learn about sexuality and the facts about sex education, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that these replace sites similar to backpage the role of parenting in this life lesson subject.  Sex is meant to be a gift to be enjoyed.  Help your child be prepared to life a sexually responsible and enjoyable life in tune with your family values.